Natural Woven Shades

Product Description

Natural woven shades add a rich, warm feel and dimension to any room. Let in the natural light or have them lined to add privacy in specific areas of your home where needed. natural woven shades bring an element of nature into your home. Perfect for the casual but sophisticated look that's so popular in today's design approaches. Natural woven shade materials provide a feeling of natural shade, with their colors and textures adding another design dimension to your room. They're energy efficient when lined, and minimally energy efficient when unlined.

Product Details

  • These shades can be constructed with or without a valance
  • Can easily be motorized. Best if hardwired due to weight
  • Maintains your view and filters light while maintaing a natural interior look
  • Very easy maintenance

"I just love the window treatments that my Design Consultant helped me choose"
-Janice Smith, Monticello FL

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