Pleated Shades

Product Description

Pleated Shades are window coverings made from a folded fabric to help add character to a room and they are designed to complement you personal décor style. From simple chic collections that offer a contemporary look to natural textures that bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Pleated shades are made of woven and non-woven fabrics that are pleated or folded horizontally in an accordion style. The fabric adds softness and the pleats add texture to make pleated shades an elegant complement to windows. Choose from contemporary, casual or traditional patterns. Fabric textures range from subtle solid weaves to metallized fabrics that block the sun’s rays and provide energy-efficient insulation. Special backings are available to increase privacy or block out the sun making lightweight fabric more energy efficient. Uncover your personal décor style with dozens of collections and fabrics to choose from. All fabrics are mildew-resistant.

"I just love the window treatments that my Design Consultant helped me choose"
-Janice Smith, Monticello FL

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