Roman Fold Shades

Product Description

Roman Shades, once considered old-fashioned and frumpy, have seen a delightful revival. They can be bright, cheerful and as colorful as your favorite painting, or they can be ethereal, light and effortlessly blend into your surroundings. Roman Shades are simply made from a flat piece of material that folds up accordion style and is pulled up by a cord which evenly raises the blind. Like other different types of window treatments, Roman Shades when lowered provide light control, privacy and can even help with temperature control if lined with an insulating fabric. However, unlike other treatments, when raised they provide the look of a decorative fabric valance to adorn your windows. Roman Shades, in a word, are just graceful!

"I just love the window treatments that my Design Consultant helped me choose"
-Janice Smith, Monticello FL

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