Solar Shades

Product Description

These stylish yet classic shades are the ideal choice for your windows while providing interior climate control and sun protection to furniture or floor coverings. Solar shades are designed to block UV rays, protecting interiors from damage and minimizing TV and computer screen glare. Available in fabrics for better view outside, or for better UV blockage. Solar shades are easy to operate and durable fabrics that are easy to clean, making them a great product for a residential or commercial properties. Color is a key factor with screen shades affecting view-through, glare and energy efficiency. Lighter colors provide a softer view while preserving natural light, allow less heat gain for greater energy efficiency, and reflect light into your room while still blocking harmful UV rays. Darker colors provide a crisp view- through, offer superior glare control and absorb light and heat for energy efficiency.

"I just love the window treatments that my Design Consultant helped me choose"
-Janice Smith, Monticello FL

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